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Tuesday, 22nd Apr 2014ForexHint
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Market Trend

Daily Trend down no up up up down
Weekly Trend down up up up up down
Resistance 1.3870 1.6885 103.30 0.8930 0.9440 0.8290
1.3850 1.6865 103.10 0.8910 0.9420 0.8270
1.3820 1.6835 102.80 0.8880 0.9390 0.8240
Support 1.3760 1.6775 102.20 0.8820 0.9330 0.8170
1.3730 1.6745 101.90 0.8790 0.9300 0.8140
1.3710 1.6725 101.70 0.8770 0.9280 0.8120


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